Sydney Personal Trainer Shares 5 Healthy Eating Tips

These Eating Habits are Keeping You from Losing Weight

While working out will definitely help you to be more fit and healthy, you need to pay as much attention to your eating habits. You could slog it out in the gym doing weight lifting and strength building and still find your body is not really benefitting.


When this happens it is time to look at your eating habits. A Sydney personal trainer will advise you that some of the more damaging habits to avoid when it comes to food consumption, are as follows:

Gobbling down food

Consuming food has to be done in a controlled and proper manner. Just because you feel you are running short of time you should not gobble down your meal. Eating fast does not give the brain time to register when you have eaten enough. The normal procedure when eating is that the brain sends a fullness signal to the body that enough food has been consumed.

This acts as a brake on the food consumption. If you eat too fast as mentioned above the brain does not get enough time to react and you could end up eating more than required – resulting in weight gain. You should take time to eat your food and drink sips of water in between to regulate the process.

The breakfast myth

Have you been told that by consuming toast for breakfast you will lose weight? This is not true. Toast is processed bread which contains carbohydrates. So having toast will instead increase your insulin and lead to fat build-up early morning. Instead of having a crispy offering in the form of toast, you should have a protein-based breakfast such as oats, fruit etc.

Outdoor bootcamps can assist you with your weight loss goals, the more you exercise the better you’ll want to eat. Try to workout at least 4 times per week for optimum results.

Shun sports drinks

Sports drinks are widely advertised as performance-enhancing drinks. These drinks contain electrolyte content which is not good for the body – the same way that coke is also not good for health.

Sports drinks contain a good amount of sugar which spikes the body’s insulin which in turn will help the body to store fat. To sum up sports drinks should only be considered if you intend to take part in a marathon race or some such other competition, that too under guidance of a Sydney personal trainer.

Dangers of starchy carbohydrates

If your diet contains too much of starchy carbohydrates you are looking for trouble on the health front. Starchy carbohydrates such as pastas, bread, potatoes, corn etc. will only increase your body’s inability to get rid of fat.

So if you have been struggling to drop weight first check your diet. If you find you have been indulging in starchy carbohydrates, it is time to switch over to cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli etc. Keep your consumption of starchy carbohydrates to the minimum.

Are fruit juices good?

On the surface drinking fruit juices seems a good choice – as consumption of fruit is good for the body. But you have to keep in mind that fruit juices are actually processed liquids. They do not contain the same content of fibre as fresh fruit, and also have an amount of sugar content used to sweeten the drink. A personal trainer will advise you to go in for fresh fruit instead, ideally consumed after a meal.

Blogging for Your Fitness SEO Web Design

Being a personal trainer does not mean your life is spent on whipping people into shape. In this age of digitisation, more and more health experts and personal trainers are taking to blogging to connect and guide all their readers into living a healthy lifestyle.

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When you have quoted a statistic to support your reasoning or want your readers to refer to a particular book, it is always to site these links at the bottom of your article. This will add credibility to your website.

It will also show that you are taking the initiative to do research before you write a blog. Readers always want a real expert than those wannabe health experts who just pieces by picking up lines from other blogs.

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Share pictures and videos

The best way to showcase your talent is through a video. Take a video of you doing surya namaskara, a yoga asana, and put it up along with your blog on Yoga or power yoga. This way, people become aware of your expertise.

Alternatively, you can always put up a collage of pictures, showing the same asana, but in images. This will also increase your popularity among bloggers. It showcases your passion and commitment to your work.

2017 List of the Best CEC Personal Training Certifications

Always choose personal training certifications that offer advice on exercise and nutrition.

While doing exercises and engaging in activities are an integral part of every fitness regime, you need to eat right for completing your need for a holistic fitness session. Personal trainers and fitness boot camps offer advice on a suitable diet pattern that you need to follow to get a fit and sculpted look. Right diet helps to strengthen muscles of your body.


On the other hand, a crash diet or a badly designed one can result in accumulated fat. Therefore, getting right advice is important. You have to steer away from unsaturated fat in your daily menu and include vegetables and fruits instead.

The best CEC personal training certifications tend to run for 12 weeks or more with a practical element and theory completed online via bleneded learning before the course commences.

Variety is one of the main reasons why people get attracted to Jannali boot camps. Another reason is the support you get from the trainers and from the people who you work out with. A personal trainer teaches you everything – from what to do, how to do it and how to complement it with your diet.

Boot camps in Jannali won’t just train your body but also help you eat well which ultimately helps you forever once you apply the diet in your lifestyle. Moreover, the people who endure the same pain and give up the same unhealthy food could become your friends. Learning to stay fit comes with many perks – you can only understand it once you are out there, exercising.