Blogging for Your Fitness SEO Web Design

Being a personal trainer does not mean your life is spent on whipping people into shape. In this age of digitisation, more and more health experts and personal trainers are taking to blogging to connect and guide all their readers into living a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to start your own blog, then there is no time like today. Choose a name that means you are the synonym for health and fitness. Just remember to invest in fitness SEO, if you want to improve your search engine rankings click here for Fitness SEO Web Design

Think of smart titles

Yes! If you want to have more and more traffic to your fitness blog, then make your post titles interesting to read. It could be something as simple as ’10 things to do to lose weight’ or something intense such as ‘5 dangers of overeating’ explaining the scientific reasoning and how your health is affected if you eat too much.

Blogs are a way to show the world how equipped you are to handle fitness issues. It also reflects on your educational qualifications, depending on how eloquently you convey the message to the netizens.

Just remember, if you want to become a sought after social expert on fitness, then you have to play by the rules of the game. Use important key words that you know are used often and make your website fitness SEO friendly. You will find heaps of tips on this topic on


When you have quoted a statistic to support your reasoning or want your readers to refer to a particular book, it is always to site these links at the bottom of your article. This will add credibility to your website.

It will also show that you are taking the initiative to do research before you write a blog. Readers always want a real expert than those wannabe health experts who just pieces by picking up lines from other blogs.

Promote your blog on all the social networking websites – facebook, twitter and Google+. Keep sharing the link of your blog so that it can get shared as well as circulated among your friends and health enthusiasts.

If you become a popular blogger with your smart fitness SEO tricks, then you are also increasing your followers. You will have lot more health enthusiasts wanting you to be their personal trainer.

Share pictures and videos

The best way to showcase your talent is through a video. Take a video of you doing surya namaskara, a yoga asana, and put it up along with your blog on Yoga or power yoga. This way, people become aware of your expertise.

Alternatively, you can always put up a collage of pictures, showing the same asana, but in images. This will also increase your popularity among bloggers. It showcases your passion and commitment to your work.